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Grow Your Business

CAVC provides networking opportunities, supports legislative efforts on your behalf, and keeps you up to date on the latest trends.

CAVC Supports Vending, OCS & Micro Market Operators as Well as Vending Manufacturers, Suppliers, Distributors and Brokers.

What is CAVC?

The California Automated Vending Council, CAVC, is an organization founded to protect the vending and office coffee service industry in California. Together through lobby days, educational seminars and annual meetings, operators and suppliers work together to better the industry’s common good.

Membership Benefits

Sacramento Legislative Lobbyists

Our lobbyists in the State Capitol look out for your best interest every day. In addition to informing CAVC of any legislation introduced or passed that may be detrimental to the vending/OCS industry our lobbyists provide advice and strategy to change the way vended products are taxed in the state.

Annual Meetings

At CAVC meetings you’ll gain knowledge to better help you focus on the growth of your business and our industry. In addition to networking opportunities, meetings provide legislative updates and educational seminars on a variety of topics affecting your business today.


In 1996 the CAVC Board of Directors recognized a need to provide financial assistance to individual students who had a desire to further their education. When you join CAVC all full time students associated to your company are eligible to apply.

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Build relationships and gain valuable industry insight at annual meetings, lobby days, golf tournaments, holiday parties and national conventions.

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2016 Operator of the Year and Supplier of the Year


Supplier of the Year

Jeffrey Duerr - G&J

Operator of the Year

Paul Tullio - Gourmet Coffee Service