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CAVC Works to Make Legislation Work For You

As its primary responsibility, CAVC strives to protect the vending and coffee service industry in California to insure favorable results relating to taxes, legislation, regulation and social issues. We maintain close, personal relationships with legislators and lobbyists who constantly monitor legislation affecting our industry and our members.

Heart of the Matter

CAVC exists to protect the vendors and the industry we love. We understand that everything that affects vending and OCS affect your business which is why we fight against negative legislation and support positive measures at the capitol.

Brainstorming Together

Join us at meetings, in conference calls and on lobby days to help strategize ways to beat long standing issues like unfair taxation of snacks and to help defeat new regulation that could be harmful to our industry.

Winning the Future

Only united action by those who own and operate businesses in our state can effectively speak for the vending and OCS industry in California. Join our team and strengthen our unified effort for better chances of future success.

Join Hundreds of Operators, Manufacturers, Suppliers and Brokers in Our Fight at the Capitol (and by fight we mean peaceful meetings, education and networking)