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What Membership Does For You

Representation at the Capitol

When you join CAVC you receive support from fellow vendors but you also receive representation at our State Capitol. Your dues go to support the Lobbyists who work on our behalf.

Education Programs

At meetings and on our website you will receive training all year long on issues affecting our industry.


All members receive a book of valuable deals they can take advantage of such as new products, special rebates and/or savings from participating manufacturers and distributors. All members also receive reduced fees at all CAVC sponsored events including our annual meeting and Christmas party.


CAVC values education. As such each year we give away scholarships to full time students associated with our members. That means you children, your grandchildren, your employees and their children are all eligible to win extra funds to help with their education. Application Letter Scholarship Application

Our Plans and Pricing

All dues for operators are based on gross vending sales and office coffee sales (not manual or mobile sales) in California. The plans below are just a few of the plans we have available. To see all of our plans please click here.

Under $500,000


  • No Installment Plan

$1,000,000 - $2,000,000


  • $600 full payment up front
    (save $60)

$2,000,000 - $3,000,000


  • $1,000 full payment up front
    (save $100)

Suppliers, Distributors, Brokers & Manufacturers


  • No Installment Plan Available

Interested in Doing More?

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