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DC Fly In – 2016

CAVC participated in the DC Fly-In, NAMA’s The Fly-In, NAMA’s largest and most comprehensive advocacy effort to date that drew participants from 41 states and the District of Columbia.

Meeting discussions focused on three main issues: Nutrition and Wellness, the Small Business Regulatory Flexibility Improvements Act and Sustainability.

Take a look below at the photos of our CAVC members who flew across the country to participate in the awesome event.

cavc fly in 2016

Pictured L to R: Chip English/Paul Yang/Stu Case/Richard Cassel, Dan Walsh/Sandra Larson/Peter Tullio/Janette Carter/Kathy O’Brien/Lance Deagon/ Larry Atnip/Paul Tullio/Dalya Azaria

For more information on the Fly-In please read here. cavc fly in 2016 9cavc fly in 2016 8 cavc fly in 2016 7 cavc fly in 2016 6 cavc fly in 2016 5 cavc fly in 2016 4 cavc fly in 2016 1 cavc fly in 2016 2 cavc fly in 2016 3