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Legislative Day 2016 – Success!

CAVC had another successful Legislative Day May 18th in Sacramento. A group of about 20 people met with over 30 State Senators and Assemble Members to educate them on 3 main points:

1. The Vending Machine Taxes issues where vend operators face a disparity in the law as a result of being left out of the waiver on snack purchase taxes many years ago.

2. CAVC’s opposition to SB 878, a pending bill that would put in place a 21-day “work schedule” to be given to all employees.

3. The burden Prop 65 stickering emergency regulation is putting on Vendors.

In addition, we had a cocktail meeting with Assembly Member Mike Gatto (D-Glendale) and dinner with Diane Harkey, Vice Chair Board of Equalization. Both legislators will work in support of CAVC issues in the future.


Left to Right: Andy Cleveland, Barry Rosenberg, Janette Carter, Dan Marchetti, Sandy Larson, Larry Atnip, Matthew Marsh, Diane Harkey, Chip English, Kathy O’Brien, Dan Walsh


Left to Right: Dan Walsh, Pete Tullio, Matthew Marsh, Assemble Member Mike Gatto, Chip English, Sandy Larson, Barry Rosenburg, Kathy O’Brien

As in years past, we assembled 120 bags with vend snacks to deliver to Members of Congress.


120 bags were made and passed out to Members of Congress.


CAVC members having fun at work.



Cathy Feeley and assembled bags of snacks.