IMMEDIATE ACTION NEEDED – Oppose DOE’s Proposal Creating New Energy Conservation Standards for Vending Machines

Happy Friday CAVC members! Before you leave the office for the weekend please take a moment to make your voice heard to the Department of Energy (DOE)

As you know, we’re fighting a very important issue at DOE regarding energy efficiency standards for vending machines. It would cripple the industry if implemented as imposed. Below is the member alert. It would be much appreciated it you could push ALL of your team/employees to take two minutes and click the below link to send a message to DOE. We need at least 500 emails from industry to go to DOE to have an impact. We are close to 95 emails/letters so we’re on the way, but your help with your employees would be GREATLY appreciated.

Thanks for all that you do for our advocacy efforts!! Here is the letter from NAMA, you’ll find the necessary link to make your voice heard below:


Dear NAMA Member,

The Department of Energy (DOE) recently issued a proposed rule creating new energy conservation standards for beverage and combination vending machines. The proposed standards would create an extreme financial burden on small businesses and the refreshment services industry at large. They will also lead to enhanced manufacturing costs and increased prices on vending machines for operators. NAMA and machine manufacturers are already actively opposing this burdensome and unreasonable proposal and we are asking you to take a minute and let the DOE hear your voice opposing this proposal.
The primary reasons for opposing the DOE’s proposal are that the standards are not technologically feasible or economically justified and are more stringent than the current ENERGY STAR standard. Furthermore, the DOE has not provided the industry or consumers with proof to substantiate their claim that there are existing beverage machines that meet the proposed standard levels. Also, their definition of combination vending machines is inconsistent with industry.


Please Click Here to submit your comments. The comment period closes Monday, November 23rd at midnight EDT.


Thank you for taking the time to submit comments on the DOE’s proposed changes. Your participation is important to our success on this issue. If you have recently signed a letter on this issue at the Coffee, Tea and Water event please do not complete this electronic request, as your signed letter is being submitted in paper form.


Eric Dell

NAMA Sr. Vice President of Government Affairs